Sports Laundry Systems

Sports Laundry Systems are engineered to properly clean and disinfect athletic laundry–helping prevent the spread of viruses, superbugs and bacteria, including MRSA, HIV and hepatitis. This is critical to the safety and health of athletes and staff.

Catapulting laundry productivity, Sports Laundry Systems complete more laundry in less time; cut water, energy and detergent usage; lower utility and chemical costs; and ensure athletic items are properly washed according to pre-programed settings, exactly matching fabric recommendations.

Sports Laundry Systems not only bolster productivity to keep pace with incoming dirty laundry, the Systems ensure athletic items are properly cleaned and disinfected for practices and game days.

Disinfects & Energy Efficient

Not only do Sports Laundry Systems eliminate 99 percent of all superbugs, including MRSA, hepatitis and HIV, the Systems boast unrivaled efficiency – cutting water usage by up to 50 percent and hot water usage by 30 percent, when compared with most other laundry solutions.

Productivity & Quality

Keep pace with incoming laundry and ensure game-day uniforms are bright and clean! Sports Laundry Systems are highly programmable to properly clean anything from warm-ups and jerseys, to socks and uniforms – without damage to fabrics.

Simple to Install

The Systems are simple to install thanks to freestanding designs that eliminate the need for bolts and reinforced concrete foundations. This makes it simple and less expensive to install the Systems in unconventional locations and tight spaces.

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