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Mountain Fresh Laundry


Sevierville, Tennessee
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Since the addition of a Girbau Industrial Ironer with two rolls, linen production and sales have doubled at Mountain Fresh Laundry. The new ironer eliminated the need to run additional shifts to keep up with linen volume and opened doors to new, profitable markets. Mountain Fresh now requires fewer employees to produce double the production! Moreover, the company can cater to large hotel accounts, which is key to bolstered profits!

Equipment Mix:

  • F20 Ironer
  • PSN-80/2 Ironer
  • HS-6110 Washer
  • HS-6057 Washer
  • HS-6040 Washers (2)
  • HS-6023 Washers (2)
  • CG75-85 Dryers (3)
  • CG115-125 Dryers (2)
  • CG165-175 Dryers

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Graceful Tables

Nashville, Tennessee

Equipment Mix:

  • PSN-8035/1G
  • FL-Smart 4VUX2P
  • HS-6057 STAT (EH130) (2)
  • EH055 INTELI
  • GT170NRCG16575 (2)

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