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Coin-Laundry: The Industry

Today there’s a trend toward building larger card and coin laundries that provide more laundry-related services and extras to engage customers. TV lounges, vending machines, children’s play areas, restaurants, tanning beds and more, are all seen as amenity services in modern coin laundries. The coin laundry industry remains robust, and at Laundry Systems of Tennessee, we guarantee a solid and stable return on your valuable investment.

Investment Growth

Yes, there's a bright future for the store owner, because national and regional demographics indicate renters occupy 32 percent of the nation's 106.3 million households! This is particularly true in the Great Smokey Mountain area that enjoys more than 10 million tourists per year. Learn more about investment opportunities.

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A Recession Proof Business

Clean clothes, like food and shelter, are a basic human need. That’s why card/coin laundries are often buffered from fluctuations in the economy, and why many industry experts refer to them as being nearly “recession-proof.” At Laundry Systems of Tennessee, we work with our clients to create the most profitable and productive card/coin laundries. Our mission is your success.

Card/Coin Laundries Popular with Homeowners

But, this doesn’t mean a laundry isn’t appealing to non-renters. With the average American workweek extending to more than five days, using a card/coin laundry saves time. It also saves money. Customers can save on their utility bills by doing their laundry at a card or coin laundry. This is especially attractive in Tennessee, a state with one of the highest natural gas rates in the country. What customers don’t realize is that Laundry Systems of Tennessee works with every store owner to slash their utility bills by installing Continental’s most energy-efficient laundry equipment on the market.

Families with washers in their homes can also contribute significantly to the growth of the store. Non-traditional laundry items, such as rugs, comforters, drapery, tablecloths and other difficult to launder items, can contribute to the coin laundry volume and profit.

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